Time for Team Anna (and its supporters) to wake up and smell the coffee

Posted on October 25, 2011


This is a timely wake up call for Anna and gang. I see troubled times ahead for the anti corruption movement. Firstly, it’s the inflation and rising prices which are pummeling the day to day existence of common man much more than institutional corruption. Once I know where the money to put food on the table and pay the next EMI is coming from then I can think about corruption and graft.

Secondly, Team Anna is turning out no better than the corrupt UPA thugs that they have been training their guns on. One by one all its core members are either eroding their own credibility or quitting the movement. The latest episode of Kiran Bedi is a pertinent case in point. I watched her interview the other day on NDTV 24×7 and I noticed that she conveniently alternates between her NGO and her own self when it came to denying the allegations. The invitations are meant for her, the travel is meant for her but the overcharging and collection is her NGO’s business!

If the corporates were so keen to overpay her she could have simply asked them to donate the additional amount to her NGO rather than go about this circuitous route. But, no, Ms Bedi will never accept that and she went on outshouting the other panelists. So, if Team Anna is caught on the wrong foot they have a huge list of explanations, justifications and counter claims but they wouldn’t accept anything but a total acceptance of guilt from the political classes.

Thirdly, I do not see any contemplation or self analysis from Anna’s supporters. It’s ceasing to be a thinking man’s (or woman’s) movement. The supporters of Anna are of the opinion that either you are with them or against them. If you find fault with the way the movement is shaping up then you must be a paid stooge of Congress. Absolutely no criticism of Anna, his movement or his ways will be tolerated by supporters. By doing this they have only shown that they are no better than Sonia Gandhi’s coterie.

The country desperately needs a strong Jan Lokpal Bill. Hopefully, we will see something concrete in the winter session of the parliament. But we need to curb inflation and price rise right now. My real fear is that with the cavalier and unstructured approach of Anna and his followers we all will continue to suffer the double whammy of corruption and inflation till the next general elections. And that will be a monstrous disaster for each one of us.


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