Open Letter to Anna Hazare

Posted on August 24, 2011


Submitted by M Zakriya (not verified) on 24 August 2011 – 6:35am.

Another Open Letter to Anna Hazare



Dear Anna Hazareji,


I do not understand either your Jan Lok Pal nor the Government’s Lok Pal. I am tired of this wrestling match between “Team Anna” and the “Government”, which is being run for so called Anti-Corruption Laws. I do not understand your supporters enthusiasm towards Jan Lok Pal. I do not understand Government’s high-headedness and stubbornness over its Lok Pal which you call “Joke Pal”. I do not understand the media frenzy over your hunger strike/fast. I do not understand lakhs of people coming out to support you in this “anti-corruption movement”. I do not understand the Rahul Gandhi v/s Arvind Kejriwal angle to this entire issue. I do not understand the daily debates carried out by our new channels day in and day out over your and Government’s tussle.


Is Corruption really India’s biggest enemy or the only villian here, as you are portraying? Is it really such a big issue in our country? I believe it is an enemy to the nations prosperity but it is not the biggest enemy. Your movement has not impressed me because you only call for shunting of corruption and “freeing” India. No Annaji! India has to tackle many more bigger enemies first. Like the enemy called Poverty, the enemy called female foeticide, the enemy called illiteracy, the enemy called unemployment, the enemy called terrorism, the enemy called called child labor, the enemy called domestic violence, the enemy called dowry, the enemy called honour killing and so and so forth. Will curbing corruption and having the so-called “Stronger” Jan Lok Pal, free us from all these enemies? No Annaji! The Jan Lok Pal/ Lok Pal is going to only punish the corrupt officials and perhaps discourage them from taking bribes. But will it actually work? It is said that, rules are meant to be broken. As is the case in Gujrat, whereliquor is banned from being sold, but still Gujrat is one of the largest liquor consuming states in India. Is Lok Pal really going to put an end to bribery? I have my serious doubts over it. Another point of Lok Pal that I dont agree upon is that it tries to bring down corruption by targeting “corrupt” government officials. We need to see why these officials are becoming corrupt. As it is widely known, they take the bribes because they are underpaid. Government should be focusing first at ensuring they get compensation on the lines of what they deserve before bringing in anti-graft laws. In addition, we are only looking at punishing the bribe taker, and not the bribe giver! Whereas I believe, that both must be punished. We should not only bring law against government officials taking bribe, there should also be law against people giving bribes. The officials are not the only faulty ones. Two days back, I was caught by a traffic Policeman for overspeeding and he asked me to pay fine and also show all the vehicle’s documents. I dint have any in place. So, I decided to bribe him and pay Rs. 150 rather than paying Rs. 800 as fine quoted by him. If Lok Pal was in place, it would have found the Policeman guilty of taking the bribe. But, wasn’t I the one who initiated it? Why should he be the only one to be punished and not me? Your and Government’s over-dramatization of Lok Pal drafts have really left me perplexed by all means. You and Government, both, have made a mockery of India and its people with this tussle of yours. I blame you for making an issue out of a non-issue. And I blame government for making it an even bigger issue by putting you behind bars for making the non-issue an issue! We, as citizens of India, want you and the Government to tackle our bigger and much more menacing enemies than Corruption.
What has been even more amusing, is the way people have fallen prey to your movement and the way Government has fuelled their aggression and anger even more. In my eyes, you and the Government both are to be blamed for incidents such as that quoted by Shehzad Poonawalla (Law Student, ILI, New Delhi) (…) in his open letter to you. Annaji, creating support from the youth by forcefully pulling them out of their colleges and classes through blackmail and aggression, unfortunately doesn’t fall in sync with the Gandhian non-violence principle that you so much talk about. I salute you for having brought lakhs of people together for a cause. But, your cause regrettably has been a wrong cause.
Yes, even my heart bleeds to see corruption rampant in our Country, but it bleeds even more when I see people dying of hunger, when I see our youth not getting enough opportunities for employment, when I see the girl child being buried alive, when I see my countrymen being targeted by terrorists, and when I see government not taking any steps to shunt these first. I sincerely plead you to stop using and abusing the Indian public like how our politicians have done over ages, to fight for a cause which to me appears worthless. Rather than fighting over Lok Pal, please fight to abstain public at large from giving bribes and encouraging corruption. I pray for your good health and I hope you fight for right causes next time.


Yours Sincerely,
1. India Against Poverty
2. India Against Illiteracy
3. India Against Female Foeticide/Infanticide
4. India Against Unemployment
5. India Against Terrorism
6. India Against Child Labor
7. India Against Domestic Violence
8. India Against Honour Killing
9. India Against Dowry Deaths
and Lastly,
10. India Against Corruption


P.S: If you could relate to what has been written here and truly believe in it, then do forward it to your family and friends so that they do not become mere pawns in the hand of politicians and so called “Civil Society Members”. Let us raise our voices together towards causes that require greater urgency.
Jai Hind!


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