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Posted on August 21, 2011


This is a blog for people who believe that Anna Hazare has plunged the nation into anarchy by resorting to strong-arm tactics against a democratic government.
We believe that Anna’s proposals are positively dangerous for our nation and is the sure road to dictatorship.


We believe that Anna is a man with fascist tendencies and wants to impose his views upon an entire nation.


His strong-arm tactics cloaked in “Gandhian” garb are shamelessly of the grammar of blackmailers. He is holding a democratically elected government ransom to his demands, effectively undermining the process by which we the people of India chose to elect our representatives in the government–thereby not only insulting us in our face but also mocking the entire process of democracy itself.
One member of this group also stated the following important points:


Anna Hazare’s “solution” to corruption will subordinate the judicial (and some portions of executive) branches of the government to arbitrary and uncontrolled power. If passed in any form, the Jan Lokpal bill will delegate power to another layer of bureaucrats, who will be less accountable and more powerful than the elected ones, which will attract none other to politics than the corrupt power-mongers.


The corrupt will remain attracted to politics as long as the winner gets power to distribute Rs. 2,00,00,00,00,000 in non-defense activities (hint: look up 2G scam). The solution is to eradicate the disease, and not just treat the symptoms! Corruption must be fought at its root, starting with identifying its cause: the unlimited power of the bureaucrats to redistribute our wealth. Who will get attracted towards a position of arbitrary power to distribute 2G licenses?–a corrupt power monger, or an honest man.
Hazare’s tactics are non-intellectual and disrespectful to those who care. Hunger strike is not an argument! If Anna respected your judgement, he would have justified his position with reason, not through an emotional appeal.

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